• eyeBrowse

    This was a fun prototype iOS browser app. The goals of this project were: Learn swift. This project was written for swift 1 but since updated to be compatible with swift 3. Create my own private iOS browser. Create a browser that would interface with OpenDNS filters. This did not happen since OpenDNS does not … Continue reading Home

  • Folder Monitor

    Folder Monitor is an open source java application that monitors a folder for a specified file type and runs a command on that file. This project had 2 major goals: Java Integration with OSX I wanted to see how tightly integrated a java application could be with OSX. The OSX theme swing theme that comes with java … Continue reading Home

  • Group Password Decrypter

    A little java utility for decrypting Cisco group passwords in pcf files. Most of the work was done by ptoomey3, I just packaged it with JavaFx.

  • PongP

    Pong for python is using pygame, pyqt5, and hopefully tensorflow. This game is based on Siraj’s pong neural network and video. It can have 0 to 2 players.

Awesome BBQ Chicken Bombs

BBQ Chicken Bombs look awesome and I must make these chicken bombs frequently. Everything is better wrapped in bacon. Thanks to Justin P.

Handbrake DVD Rip Scrambled on macOS

Recording DVDs with Handbrake on macOS will produce scrambled results. Learn how to fix a scrambled Handbrake rip using brew and the libdvdcss library.

Using CakePHP Cache with Paginate

CakePHP comes with an awesome pagination in the controller and a power easy to use caching utility. Now we just need for them to work together.

Two Solutions to SFTP with PHP

Need to retrieve a file from a server using SFTP? I found two different solutions to accomplish this task: using the curl library or the ssh2 library.